Cortese Way

Cooking School

Neapolitan women are unparalleled great cooks and connoisseurs of the products of their territory thanks to a food culture that has been handed down over the centuries from generation to generation.

If you would like to explore this fascinating world and discover the secrets of Neapolitan cuisine, if you would like to learn how to make the best pizza or impress your friends with “avant-garde preparations", the "CORTESE WAY" cooking school for amateurs and professionals is the response to your desire to learn.

Write to us and indicate what you want to learn. We will contact you as soon as we are ready with a course suited to your liking.

The locations of the course will   depend on the course you wish to take.  In a warm comfortable home kitchen thanks to the courses led by  Cristina, a housewife with a passion for cooking, and Angelina, an incomparable cook of  Restaurant E Curti in  St. Anastasia, or in one of the professional kitchens of the  great restaurants where the best chefs will be happy to welcome and teach you.

But not only cooking classes, if you would like to organize an event, if you wish to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, and you would like  to impress your guests, write, "CORTESE WAY" and the best Italian chefs  could visit you and fulfill your every wish,  wherever you are, in Italy or abroad.
"CORTESE WAY" means constantly dealing with a community of professionals and enthusiasts. It means participating and belonging to a network, in a "life long learning" context, to promote and valorize Italian Cuisine throughout the world.

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