Cortese Way

Cortese Way - Personal Food Experience...Coming Soon

from: andiamotrips

I don't make many announcements on my blog, but here is one that I'm more than happy to pass along.  A new web site, Cortese Way - Personal Food Experience is being launched on the 19th of October.  Why is this interesting to me? 
First of all, it is the brainchild of Maurizio Cortese, an amico whose way I have been following for quite some time now.  Maurizio is a food lover, food writer, traveler, and all around good guy who often shares his photos on the social network of the interesting places that he has been/interesting dishes that he has tried.
International travelers who are interested in one of a kind gastronomic experiences in Naples and Campania can contact Cortese directly via his site and book one of a kind tours that will leave them, like me, in love with Campania - the Cortese Way.  See more:

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