Cortese Way


Personal Food Experience

“CORTESE WAY”, specializing in the creation, consultation and organization of enogastronomic and culturally exclusive itineraries, came to life by an idea of Maurizio Cortese.

The love for his territory and it’s bounty, his deep passion for high end cuisine which arose when he began frequenting Don Alfonso’s kitchen as a child pushed Maurizio to share his vast one of a kind experiences with those who are looking for what is beautiful, good, and authentic in life!

“Faces, smiles, stories and emotions that will be etched in your memory forever!”

That is Maurizio’s promise.  He proposes a different kind of journey. One fascinating for its particulars thanks to the friendly hospitality and exclusivity he offers.
A path lived to the fullest in total tranquility by one who grew up in this territory, with authentic experience who is not content with beautiful facades, who will lead you to PLACES real enough to make you feel as if you belong to this territory. A territory which is considered to be the center of the world for its historical-artistic beauty and contradictions. A place where each of us, no matter where in the world we are from, can rediscover a part of ourselves.

NAPOLI and Campania do not benefit from a series of infrastructures to assist tourists and this is one of the reasons why “Cortese Way” was born.
With “Cortese way”, the disadvantage, due to the lack of any type of public support becomes an ADVANTAGE thanks to ‘tailor made’ itineraries where the guest, the tourist, is assisted from the moment that they arrive in the city.  They are welcomed in line with our finest traditions and constantly accompanied throughout their itinerary that they have decided to live out.

What would you like from this trip?

Would you like to learn how to prepare PIZZA or ragu’ sauce and AMAZE your friends?

Would you like to be guided through the most sought after shopping spots and surprise your loved ones with exclusive gifts?

Would you like to pamper your senses and get away from it all, when ‘drinking well’ and dining become an endless pleasure?

Would you like to start a new BUSINESS in the restaurant field or are looking for a qualified consultation to revamp your existing one?

Whatever your desire is, “At the end of the trip, my story belongs to you,” is the ambitious goal for which a properly trained staff is constantly working towards.
You will feel the values which vibrate in people’s lives, explore the customs, philosophies of life of friends who you will get to know:  entrepreneurs, artisans, chefs and artists.
“CORTESE WAY,” personal food experience is a world, a philosophy to share the aura, the emotions, the sensations, and the ties with the people you will meet, and to discover the excellence of our territory.
If you have particular passions, we can work together to personalize your trip based on your interests.  CONTACT US.