Cortese Way


Napoli is the city where multi-ethnic food hasn’t been able to take root.

A very strong rivalry between pizzas and a very intense passion amongst Neapolitan pizza makers carry on our great tradition.  As luck would have it, in the past, mass marketing has also hit this world, where the word ‘pizza’ has been generalized making every pizza seam appear ‘equal’ and damaging its history.  A new generation of young pizza makers who, with their enthusiasm, have understood how to give a new and necessary facelift to this world.

The scrupulous choice of flour and the careful selection of products of excellent quality which have been intensely researched have created a new era that has led to really exciting results.
That is why “CORTESE WAY” with all its experience gained over years of "on the job training,” organizing events that have contributed to a significant change to the entire sector, will devote the greatest attention to this world.

We have the collaboration of most established pizza makers who will organize theory and practical courses to those who want to approach this world, at any level, amateur or professional.
Enter into the laboratories of the flour mills to understand the impotence of grain and flour, to further investigate important topics such as the digestibility of pizza dough.

Cross the threshold of small companies and large producers who are making great contributions to the growth of the entire sector.
All of this will be possible by following our itineraries and our “”CORTESE WAY” calendar!