Cortese Way


  • Tuesday 04 November 2014
    Naples:Italy's pizza capital ups the temptation
    Previously tarnished by associations with litter and crime, this seductive seaside city is cleaning up its act
    'Naples is like Rio de Janeiro. It's like Caracas. You get the best and the worst. There's no in between." I am sitting in 50 Ka...
  • Monday 03 March 2014
    The Best Pies From Naples, the Birthplace of Pizza
    The new kid on the block is Ciro Salvo's 50 Kalò. The name is Neapolitan slang for "good dough," especially fitting since Salvo is ce...
  • Friday 22 November 2013
    Cortese Way will be one of the writers featured in the next issue of “Fool”, the best magazine in the world
    When I received an email from Lotta and Per Jorgensen in which they asked me if I was interested in writing for "Fool", their magazine, I wa...
  • Monday 04 November 2013
    Cortese Way - Personal Food Experience...Coming Soon
    from: andiamotrips
    I don't make many announcements on my blog, but here is one that I'm more than happy to pass along.  A new web site, Cortese Way -...
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