Cortese Way

The Chef’s Crèche

The Chef’s Crèche, the first one in the world featuring Italy’s most famous chefs, is the brainchild of Maurizio Cortese.

It’s a tribute to the great interpreters of Italian cuisine in true Neapolitan style. The idea is to create an unusual "guide", figurative and three-dimensional, which will be updated every year with new faces, with chefs who are the most deserving to be part of it, perhaps at the expense of someone who has not distinguished himself in the previous year.

The Chef’s Crèche   will go on tour and is available to those who wish to display it. This can be done by simply writing to Cortese Way.  It was made by a master craftsman of crèche art, Marco Ferrigno, who inherited the talent to make his statuettes expressive and lively from his father Giuseppe.   He makes them in his shop on San Gregorio Armeno, “Christmas Alley”, which is famous throughout the world and is located in the historic center of Naples.

The millennial art of the crèche, its cultural legacy, has over time not been only considered a religious symbol, but a real and true representation of  actual history, of its most significant moments, giving life to an evolution, an admirable representation that today can be found in  ” The Chef’s  Crèche.”

So then, next to the typical features of the Neapolitan crèche, as the market, the tavern, the wine merchant, the bridge, the river, and typical characters such as Benino, the Gypsy, the laundress, and the Three Kings, even Italian chefs make their entrance, who, with their culinary delights, take possession of the space in the traditional crèche that were occupied by sellers of dairy products, from the fisherman, the poultry sellers, and the hunter.