Cortese Way

The Flavors

“CORTESE WAY” promotes the finest made in Italy cooking in the world, offering memorable flavorful experiences thanks to years of gourmet experience.

Dealing with the chefs and cooks who have made “flavor" their main purpose in life is the priceless wealth of experience that "CORTESE WAY" offers its customers.

Every man and woman who cooks is a world unto themselves. Trying their dishes is like sharing their life, like tuning into their souls, because he who cooks for his neighbor does it out of love.
The true ‘gourmet’ has the duty to share their world, learn about the territory, the products of the land, and better understand that way of cooking.

With the “CORTESE WAY” itineraries or with your personal requests, you will encounter   unforgettable experiences in the most prestigious restaurants, taverns,  pizzerias rich in history, and  in the most beautiful and fascinating wine cellars. A unique journey, in search of flavor.

All of this is “CORTESE WAY”, personal food experience, a philosophy, a unique experience, an authentic journey into Campanian enogastronomic excellence.

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