Cortese Way


There was a time in Italy that when the word wine was mentioned, only two regions came to mind; Piedmont and Tuscany.

Today the spotlight is on the South, mainly in Campania and Sicily.

Thanks to the sacrifices and perseverance of large and small producers, Campania is ‘felix’ - happy again.  An area which once enchanted the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, who were the first to develop new training systems leading to the maximum splendor of Campanian viticulture.  Writers such as Horace, Pliny, and Virgil have also left their testimony through their famous odes.

The Campanian hills, mountains, and inlands will be the destinations full of great surprises for those who want to discover small and large wineries.
“CORTESE WAY,” with its staff of qualified professionals will accompany you through the vineyards and wineries of this splendid region.